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    North Cloth manufactures a comprehensive range of premium woven and laminated sail fabrics to deliver an unmatched combination of lighter weight, lower stretch and exceptional durability. Fibers include woven polyesters, Spectra/Dyneema, Twaron, Carbon, nylon and others. This website provides details on North Cloth's family of premium sail fabrics as well as general discussions on sail longevity and the modern fibers used in producing today's woven sailcloth.

    »Click here to learn more about North Cloth's Family of Fabrics.
    » Fiber Properties offers a quantitative assessment of sailcloth’s building blocks. 
    » Fiber to Fabric highlights differences between fibers and how they affect sailcloth.
    » What fibers are used for individual sailcloth? Take a look at Industrial Fibers

    The two North Cloth sailcloth styles not exclusive to North Sails are Oceanus Cloth and Cuben Fiber Sailcloth.
    Oceanus is a modern polyester sailcloth designed and produced by North Cloth specifically for traditional sailing yachts and training vessels.  Cuben Fiber is a proprietary material in which fiber that is originally manufactured as a yarn is spread into a flat tape of side-by-side filaments and arranged in various layouts and combinations between outer layers of film.

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