In 1992 North Cloth began development of a new generation of modern sail fabrics for tall ships as part of a project to supply sails to the H.M.S. Rose. The sailcloth developed used recycled polyester yarn made by Dupont from discarded soda bottles. The project was an unqualified success and the sails are still going strong today.

    Spurred by the success of the H.M.S. Rose project, North Cloth began working in partnership with traditional sailmaking authority Nat Wilson of Nathaniel Wilson Sailmakers in East Boothbay, Maine, to further develop new types of woven polyester fabrics for tall ships, training vessels and traditional sailing yachts. The result is a new family of North sail fabric named Oceanusā„¢ that combines the look, "hand" and balanced stretch of traditional canvas with the higher strength, lighter weight and longer life of a modern polyester sailcloth. Oceanus is available in #7, #10, #13 and #16 weights in both white and canvas (off white). Number 7 and #13 are also available in tanbark (red-brown) colors. Oceanus fabrics do not contain recycled polyester used in sails for H.M.S. Rose, but this remains a possibility as production increases.

    Oceanus Ship's cloth combines the lighter weight and longevity of a modern polyester fabric with the color, texture and hand of traditional cotton ship's cloth.

    Oceanus was used aboard the legendary US Navy sailing warship USS Constitution, a.k.a Old Ironsides which sailed again in July 1997 for the first time since 1881. This was a very emotional event for sailors, the Navy and all maritime history buffs, and North Cloth is proud to be involved in the project as the supplier of the reproduction canvas used to make the new USS Constitution sails. In total, seven new Oceanus sails for Old Ironsides were made in #16 canvas color under the guidance of Nat Wilson and his staff in Maine.

    Oceanus sailcloth is available through North Cloth, Milford, Connecticut. Sails in this fabric are also available from North Sails lofts, Nathaniel Wilson Sailmakers and other traditional sailmakers worldwide.

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