• High Performance Downwind Laminate Sailcloth

    In recent years a new generation of very fast, very stiff, and very powerful keelboats have changed how we think about “offwind” sail inventories. Larger, more highly loaded asymmetric spinnakers and close reaching headsails are now standard on grand prix racecourses around the world. In light breeze these boats still generate significant apparent wind speeds, and in heavy wind the boats sail quite close winded (no more steering deep to reduce pressure on the rigs and sails).

    North Cloth has led the way in developing sailcloth to meet these demands, in ways that nylon styles simply cannot. On small to maxi size boats nylon chutes remain viable for wider wind angle ranges, with laminate cloth sails used for closer reaching — but today’s “Super” maxis are carrying all-laminate downwind sail inventories, taking advantage of the superior strength of these materials.

    NorLam “S”™ Dyneema Scrim Styles

    NorLam “S” Dyneema Scrims offer low stretch and very high resistance to failure in cloth that remains easily pressurized. Relatively thin and pliable, NorLam S scrims roll up easily in Code Zero applications, and handle well in Supermaxi reacher/runner “A” sails. North Cloth’s signature dark grey S35, S55 and S80 styles dominate high level racing around the buoys and around the world. All styles feature “0/90” Dyneema scrim captured between Mylar film layers.

    NorLam Polyester

    Closer wind angle sails on smaller boats can take advantage of cost effective NorLam styles combining Mylar film with polyester fiber in either scrim or woven taffeta form. North Cloth offers a wide range of products — rugged taffeta based NorLam 1.0, 1.7, and 3.2 Special NorLam “XP” fabrics, and, new for 2007, our line of “DX” polyester scrim/Dyneema Gatorback fabrics.