• Highest Quality Woven Polyester (Dacron) Sailcloth

    © North SailsNorth Cloth’s reputation for industry leading woven polyester sailcloth was established in the 1970s. Peter Mahr and Brian Doyle applied rigorous engineering standards to cloth weaving, finishing, and testing in developing a logically integrated and complete line of NorDac™ sailcloth. North Cloth continues this tradition of leadership with NorDac Radian, NorDac Fill, Oceanus, and CruiseShip NorDacs for a broad range of boat sizes and targeted use.

    NorDac Fill

    Manufacturing exceptional quality plain weave polyester sailcloth is far more complex than the material’s appearance might indicate. NorDac Fill starts with high tenacity polyester yarn woven in proprietary warp/fill combinations. NorDac Fill have the densest possible fiber content ensuring excellent shapeholding and the longest performance life. Woven “greige goods” undergo extensive and closely monitored finishing, scouring, calendering, melamine impregnation, heat setting, coating (One Design and UV styles), slitting and final inspection/grading.
    NorDac Fill is offered in fill-oriented High Aspect (for taller, narrower sails) and balanced Low Aspect (lower than 2.5:1 sail height to width ratio) versions, and may be ordered in both firm and very firm finishes.  
    The world’s best woven polyester sailcloth, NorDac Fill is offered in the styles listed in the sidebar (ounces per sailmaker’s square yard — a 36" by 28.5" sample).

    NorDac Fill
    4.1F 5.1F
    5.7F (or VF)
    6.4F (or VF)

    7.2F (or VF)
    7.7F (or VF)
    7.8F (or VF)

    8.2F (or VF)
    9.4F (or VF)
    11.4F (or VF)

    12.9F (or VF)

    Oceanus™ Ship’s Cloth

    Oceanus is a modern polyester cloth that mimics cotton canvas.  Oceanus is supplied in 18" widths and is warp oriented with more bias stretch than our firmer styles. It is well suited to vertical cut, four-cornered and sprit-boomed sails. All Oceanus styles are offered in our standard creamy tan color, with a Tanbark option for some styles. Oceanus combines modern technology with traditional virtues for easy care, extremely durable ship’s cloth.

    CruiseShip Cloth

    © North Sails The popularity of large wind driven cruise ships led to North Cloth developing a uniquely tough line of heavier styles as an extension of our NorDac styles. Shapeholding performance is remarkably good with enhanced longevity for commercial applications.