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    Lowell North started our sailcloth program in 1963 with some of the first systematic sailcloth testing. Since then we have steadily increased our involvement in the development, testing and production of our own sailcloth.

    Today, North Cloth has evolved into a business dedicated to producing the finest sail fabric in the world. Each style is custom designed and woven to be the best available in its category. This family of premium fabrics enables North Sails to offer you a quality sail that is precisely matched to your boat, your sailing style and your budget.

    The sail fabrics shown on these pages are produced by North Cloth exclusively for North Sails lofts and cannot be purchased by any other sailmaker. Combined with premium fabrics available from other cloth manufacturers, selected and tested by us, North Sails offers a range of quality sailcloth that is unmatched in the world of sailmaking.

    NorDac™ Radian

    A true high performance warp-oriented woven polyester sailcloth.  The world's best woven polyester sailcloth and is a patented material exclusive to North Sails.

    NorDac™ Fill

    Tightly woven, high performance fill oriented polyester sailcloth. A stable, durable, sophisticated cloth for racing or cruising sails.

    NorDac™ Oceanus

    Oceanus Ship's Cloth sailcloth, thanks to a unique and patented design, is almost indistinguishable from traditional canvas in both hand and appearance while enjoying the strength and durability of rugged polyester construction.

    NorDac™ Cruise Ship

    Woven specifically for the special requirements of Cruise Ships, especially square-riggers, NorDac Cruise Ship uses very large yarns and balance-engineered construction for outstanding strength and durability.

    XW & XG Soft NorLam™

    Developed and proven for more than 15 years on all oceans, as a performance cruising material offering excellent durability for roller furling genoas.

    SRP Dyneema/polyester “Hybrid Warp” Fabrics

    SRP cloth styles feature North Cloth’s unique “Hybrid Warp” taffetas in laminated constructions with Dyneema fill ripstop. SRP provides high performance and toughness at a surprisingly modest price. SRP sails are found on leading performance cruising boats – 40 feet to 40 meters – worldwide.

    Gatorback™ Spectra/Dyneema

    Designed as a performance option for large cruising boats. Features high-density Gatorback "criss-cross" reinforcement to handle diagonal loads and improve durability. Light, tough and extremely durable.

    Gatorback™ Spectra/Dyneema Carbon

    The addition of carbon fiber adds exceptional strength and performance to Gatorback Spectra/Dyneema. Designed for very large, high-performance sails.

    Racing NorLam™

    Mylar/polyester laminates for racing sails that offer higher performance than traditional woven Dacron without the cost of Aramids or Spectra/Dyneema.

    NorLon RC™

    North’s new no-compromise, high-performance, urethane-coated Nylon downwind racing material.


    Light, strong woven Nylon construction and impregnated melamine finishing give North NorLon outstanding performance with uncompromising durability.